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The Sultan of Brunei’s son ties the knot in a lavish ceremony

Prince Abdul Malik, now 31 years of age, is the son of Sultan of Brunei, who is one of the most moneyed people in the world, and 2nd in line to the throne of this oil rich country. He tied the knot with Raabi’atul Adawiyyah, now 22, on 5th April, and they celebration of the couple would go on till 10th April.

The now-billionaire bride chose for a bouquet of gems instead of flowers and both groom and bride’s wedding dresses were covered in diamonds. Well, even her shoes, a Christian Louboutin heel pair, had been decorated with diamonds.

And for her ‘something borrowed,’ she donned a parure that carries of a diamond tiara along with emeralds; a emerald and diamond necklace as well as diamond brooch that belongs to her mom-in-law.

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Charles Manson wedding license to expire on Thursday

A wedding license issued to Charles Manson, a 80 year old convicted mass murderer, and a twenty six year old woman would expire later this week without the pair having tied the knot in reality. Charles Manson and Elaine Burton got a wedding license last year, offering them the permission to hold a wedding ceremony in a visiting room at Corcoran’s California State Prison.

The license, however, expires on Thursday. Since inmate marriages at the prison only take place on Saturday and Sunday, during the visiting hours, Burton and Manson have missed their opportunity to take the plunge.

On Monday, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s spokeswoman Terry Thornton reported that the Manson wedding did not take place.
If the marriage is ever going to take place, the pair has to register for a new Kings County wedding license. Burton, who says she loves Manson, left her home In Illinois and has spent the last nine years living near the Central California prison.

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