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Charles Manson wedding license to expire on Thursday

A wedding license issued to Charles Manson, a 80 year old convicted mass murderer, and a twenty six year old woman would expire later this week without the pair having tied the knot in reality. Charles Manson and Elaine Burton got a wedding license last year, offering them the permission to hold a wedding ceremony in a visiting room at Corcoran’s California State Prison.

The license, however, expires on Thursday. Since inmate marriages at the prison only take place on Saturday and Sunday, during the visiting hours, Burton and Manson have missed their opportunity to take the plunge.

On Monday, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation’s spokeswoman Terry Thornton reported that the Manson wedding did not take place.
If the marriage is ever going to take place, the pair has to register for a new Kings County wedding license. Burton, who says she loves Manson, left her home In Illinois and has spent the last nine years living near the Central California prison.

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Octogenarian gets a fresh lease of life

Charles Milles Manson, the noted American mass killer who had been found guilty of genocide as he had conspired a plan to murder seven people including actress Sharon Tate, got a fresh lease of life when his license to solemnize nuptial ties with a 26 year old woman who has been his regular visitor in prison was granted.

His would be wife Afton Elaine Burton, who moved to Corcoran, California to be near Manson’s cell has always claimed his innocence.

She has also confessed her love for the convict. This news of issuing a license has been confirmed by The California Department of Corrections. Manson serving a life sentence was refused parole in 2012 for the twelfth time as he was accused of possessing a weapon giving threats to the staff as well as denying giving a urine sample. He will not be eligible for a parole until 2027. He would therefore be refrained from family visits where the prisoner gets to meet his better half in private.

Terry Thornton, the spokes person of the Californian Department of Corrections mentioned that the wedding may be conducted in the prison premises and an officiate can be invited to carry out the ceremony. She further states that the bride and the groom are allowed to invite 10 guests who are not the prison inmates. Although the wedding dates have not been fixed the couple has just 90 days in hand failing which the license will expire and must be reapplied.